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    All of the rigid rear projection products we sell are manufactured and developed in the United States. We also carry a variety of different technologies that can be used to create amazing front or rear projection displays, as well as presentation screens and digital signage. The rear and front projection screens we carry are constructed of rigid acrylic and designed with Embedded Optics Technology. Our HoloDark rear projection and HoloVega front projection rigids are popular home theater projection screens because of their use in low to normal indoor ambient light conditions where vivid color contrasted images are desired.

    HoloDisplays, Inc. continues to advance and develop new specialty screen products and digital display technology for use in a variety of different formats. Please click on all of our products for further descriptions and specifications. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to give us a call.


    rigid rear projection products
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    HoloLite Screen – Maximum Brightness for REAR Projection
    HoloGrey Screen – Balanced Brightness & Contrast for REAR Projection
    HoloDark Screen – Maximum Contrast for REAR Projection
    HoloMirage Screen – See Through Imaging for REAR Projection
    Holo3D Screen – Three Dimensional Imaging for REAR Projection
    Holo Table Top Display – Traveling REAR Projection

    holovega screen products
    projection film products

    HoloVega – Balanced Brightness & Contrast for FRONT Projection



    holovega screen products

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    design services products

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