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    Constructed of rigid acrylic and designed with Embedded Optics Technology for superior contrast in uncontrolled indoor lighting conditions. Can be used in conventional in-wall projection, framed, or freely suspended by thin wires for eye-catching, open air “floating” displays. Because of its ability to present defined, vivid color images, it is a popular choice for museums, TV networks, home theater, auto show rooms, control rooms, houses of worship, boardrooms, corporate lobbies, and more.

    This product is no longer available for purchase. Please consider our HoloDark rear projection film for the same results in a film variation.


    Embedded optics (EOT), an advanced light diffusion technology that renders brighter images (as much as 7 times brighter than conventional optical coated screen) with improved contrast levels, and enhanced view angles. Superior light rejection capabilities allow freely suspended displays in all indoor uncontrolled lighting conditions. Durable 1/8″ thick acrylic construction for better resolution and image sharpness, matted anti-glare, scratch resistant surfaces (both sides) with no sensitive surface coatings, laminates, films, lens, etc. and can be easily cleaned with common (non-acidic) cleaning products. HoloDark is popular for use in low to normal indoor ambient light conditions where vivid color contrasted images is desired such as home theaters, control rooms, shopping malls, gaming casinos, conference rooms, restaurants, hotels, corporate lobbies, training rooms, and more.

    • Museums
    • TV Networks
    • Home Theater
    • Auto Show Rooms
    • Control Rooms
    • Churches
    • Boardrooms
    • Corporate Lobbies
    Gain3.5 ± 0.5
    Half-Gain (Vertical & Horizontal)40°
    Viewing Angle170°
    Weight0.85 lbs/square foot
    Maximum Single Screen Size78″ x 139″ x 1/8″
    ResolutionLimited only by content & projector source

    Weighted, Turnbuckle, or Low Profile Frame type Hanging Kits for open air screen displays, or in-wall and thru-wall displays or stand alone screen displays.


    Screens can be cut to any size or shape (ovals, circles, silhouettes, etc.) within each maximum sheet size dimensions below or can be curved, flexed or formed without loss of optical performance. Standard sizes >>